It’s time for you to become a radical Christian

Are you:
  • Living purposefully for Him?
  • Walking in your calling?
  • When you lead do people follow?
  • Standing on His Word?
Welcome to Kensington Temple’s International Bible Institute of London. If like us, you hunger for a life that answers those questions with a resounding “yes!” then join us for a time of earnest preparation. We are here to empower you to shine for Jesus in your world!
In 29 years, under the leadership and anointing of Senior Minister Colin Dye, more than 2,500 men and women have taken possession of the call of God on their lives, and today are being salt and light by serving Christ in the workplace, in local churches and new plants, and are going to the nations as missionaries. Whether you are called to full time ministry in the office, in the home, or in the pulpit, you owe yourself an experience with God which will enable you to live a purposeful life for Jesus’ glory! We call this experience “discipleship” or learning to be like Jesus.   We offer 6 month, one, two or three year courses to immerse yourself and prepare for a life-changing encounter with the Lord, His Word and His Spirit!

Latest News

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Rev Gabriel Chan, New Principal of IBIOL

Gabriel Chan Inaugurated as Principal – Colin Dye  At the Graduation service, we had a dual celebration. We acknowledged the students fantastic achievements, and in addition we inauguratedGabriel Chan as the new Principal of the Bible School. Gabriel has worked to secure the accreditation of the school, the validation of the courses and the approval for…


Honouring God’s Work in our Students – Graduation Service

On Sunday 6th July, we celebrated the latest cohort of students to graduate from IBIOL. A total of 16 students were recognised in three different categories – the Diploma of Christian Ministries (1 year), the Higher Diploma of Christian Ministries (2 year) and the Certificate of Christian Ministries (evening school). Across the board we celebrated…

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IBIOL On Mission in Romania

IBIOL students have been back in London just about a month now, but the experience of going on mission in Romania is still very much a fresh memory. Actually, it’s likely to continue changing all of us who went each time we reflect on our journey there. For me personally it was both inspiring and…