The Courses – 1 Year

1 Year

one-yearThe Diploma of Christian Ministries is our flagship one-year study program at the IBIOL.

This course is fully validated by NCFE at equivalent to Level 4 (NQF). This innovative course has been continually refined to effectively bring you to the cutting edge of Christian living in the following 5 areas:

• Radical disciples walking in His footsteps
• Discover your Fivefold ministry gifting
• Uncover your leadership potential
• Move in power in Word & Spirit
• Become a gamechanger in a broken world

Walk in the Masters footsteps

Walk in the Masters footsteps

Many are motivated to come to bible school because they want to give a year to loving and serving Jesus. Is this you? We know that Jesus will meet you on the path and start to shape and sharpen you into a radical follower of Jesus. At IBIOL we believe the work that Jesus accomplishes in one year in a persons life is equivalent to decades of being a regular Sunday church attender. This looks like you becoming a whole, Spirit filled, Spirit gifted, love-centred follower of Jesus who lives for him every day. It may be challenging as you face your issues, it will require you to go to new depths in your faith, it certainly won’t be comfortable, but you will see tangible results as He transforms you from glory to glory.


Discover your ministry gifting

Discover your ministry gifting

At KT we believe in the full availability of the Ephesians 4 gifts of Jesus to the church today. Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Pastors and Evangelists are essential for the comprehensive equipping of the church for the work of the ministry. Whether you are called to the office of one of these gifts, or have a tendency towards one when you minister, we want to help you identify, nurture and flourish in your gifting. You and your gifting have an important role to play in the church. In the first year, you will learn about the full range of giftings, but will practise in basic evangelism and basic pastoral care. Expect to be able to lead someone to Jesus and disciple them in their faith, walking thru one or two life issues with them in this time.


Uncover your leadership potential

Uncover your leadership potential

Jesus said “he who is greatest among you shall be your servant” Matthew 23:11 (check). He didn’t rule out Christians in leadership. Rather He identified the pathway for the Christian leader – to grow in favour with God and man by clothing oneself with the humility of service. We explore the principles of servant leadership through practical hands on ministry, with stewarding delegated authority, and in learning to pursue Jesus’ “well-done” as the source of our strength.

Grounded in the Word & Spirit

Grounded in the Word & Spirit

RT Kendall (senior guest lecturer at IBIOL) has prophesied that the coming great move of The Lord will be a revival grounded in Word & Spirit. There is no greater authority for the manifest glory of God than Spirit filled, Spirit empowered preaching of the Living Word of God. We believe the truthful, faith filled preaching of the Word provides a holy *environment* for the evidences of miracles, signs and wonders brought by the Spirit to convict and win the hearts of listeners. Learn to partner with the Spirit in applying all that you have digested from the Word and see the impossible become possible.

Empowered to engage your world

Empowered to engage your world

There has never been a greater need for bold Christians who are confident in their faith and equipped in the knowledge of God and other perspectives to engage the world. Atheists, Muslims, and alternative lifestyle groups berate Christians on a nearly daily basis. We need truth talking, love motivated Christians to tackle other views through dialogue and relevant presentations filled with the power of Jesus.

Our Communication and Counselling courses are ground breaking and essential tools, laying a foundation for the Christian to effectively speak to the heart and mind of people.

Understanding Islam, Apologetics, Cults and World Religions, all build on this foundation in the second year.

Additional Information

Lecture format:

Monday & Tuesday 09:00-17:30

Sunday Participation in Services 11:00-17:00

Lecture Location:

KT Summit House, Hanger Lane


360 hours lectures

120 hours practical

500 hours personal study

Units completed to award Diploma:

8 Theoretical

2 Practical