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Evening School


Looking for ways to go deeper with God?

Always wanted bible study while you keep your career on track? We have the perfect flexible option for you.  Each year, we run 3 units drawn from our complete repertoire of courses, you can take up to 3 years to build your custom Diploma in Christian Studies (formerly the Certificate in Christian Ministries). This course is fully validated by NCFE to the equivalent of NQF Level 4. The courses are taught over a series of Monday evenings. On completion of 6 units, you will qualify for the diploma. However you may just want to try out one or two units and take it from there, or you may even wish to keep studying and go as deep as your interest and hunger takes you.

The best way to proceed is to email us on, and our team will be able to facilitate your registration. You can also use the ‘contact us’ section to sign up for the evening mailing list to stay updated about upcoming units.

Each unit includes:

  • Offline video lectures
  • Manuals
  • Online tutorials (Monday 6.30pm-8pm)
  • Dedicated Website


  • £50 per unit
  • £30 per unit [discounted] for OAPs, jobseekers, single parents, and students. Proof is required.
  • £300 per unit for those who would like to earn the Diploma in Christian Studies

Once you have completed a few units and found your rhythm, you can then convert to the Diploma in Christian Studies by completing the application form, where you will become a formal student of the bible school (evening). If you are certain this is the direction you want to take, you can apply immediately.

This page will constantly be updated with more accurate information, so please do check back for further information

Current Evening Units

Hearing from God and Praying His Word

Hearing from God and Praying His Word

Spring Term

Starts Monday 25 January (for 10 weeks)

Lectures covered

Lectures covered

  • How do I know that I am praying in God’s will?
  • Will God give me the desires of my heart?
  • Discerning Gods’ voice in the noisiness of life
  • Impacting, changing and breaking down your circumstances/world through prayer
  • The role of the Holy Spirit in prayer
  • The relationship between prayer and thanksgiving
  • The relationship between prayer and fasting
  • The prophetic calling, and prophetic listening

Additional Information

Lecture format:


10x sessions starting on Mon, 25th Jan

Unit Format:

Offline Lectures &
Live Tutorials


240 hours lectures

400 hours personal study