Sound Doctrine

The Word and the Spirit are both the truth and power of God.

We believe that the great end time revival to come, flows out of the coming together of both of these. The inspired word of God preached with great authority, accompanied by the signs and wonders enacted by the Spirit will turn the world upside down.

It is essential that Christians are grounded in the rightly divided Word of God. The Word of God gives us insight into His wisdom, so that we can be anchored in Him during the challenges of life, while at the same time learning to walk free from legalism in the Spirit. The Word is our final authority in all things relating to the Christian life.

The Spirit enables us to discern the wisdom of God and apply it to our lives, in a way which brings health to our spirits. These ways of the kingdom will also lead us into the truth of the power of God revealed in love – miracles, healings, deliverances all purposed with revealing the kingdom of God.


1st Year:

Sword of the Spirit series
Survey of Christian Doctrine 1 & 2
New Testament Survey
Old Testament Survey

2nd year:

Ephesians and Philippians
End Times
OT – Pentateuch
OT – Historical
OT – Poetic
OT – Prophetic