World Interaction

In the world today, the ideologies of relativism, political correctness and differing world views are challenges that seek to limit the spread of the gospel.

“That’s good for you, but this is my truth”

“Wearing a cross to work offends others”

“You can’t say that Jesus is the only way to God”

Equally we believe that God has a plan for the Good News to be spread to all the world! There’s no biblical alternative where a Christian disengages from the world and ceases to be salt and light.

We are called to be able to interact with the world around us, presenting a reason for what we believe. We do this through learning both apologetics (defending the faith) and polemics (attacking other positions with the strength of the gospel), where we can sensitively but truthfully present the great work of Jesus at the cross.


1st Year:

Community Engagement
Kingdom Finance
Understanding Islam
Light to the Nations
Counselling 1 & 2
Compassionate Communication
Effective Communication

2nd year:

Israel and the Bible
World Religions, Cults and Occults
Understanding Islam
Cross Cultural Communication
Christian Ethics
Counselling 3