The Courses – 2 Years

2 Years

2yearsThe Higher Diploma is tailored to those who are preparing for leadership in their area of ministry – whether workplace or ministry centred.

This fully validated course (equivalent to NQF level 4) takes a deeper approach to preparation for ministry through:

• Releasing you in your five fold ministry gifting
• Developing you into a leader of leaders
• Deepening your knowledge of the word
• Empowering you for apologetic and polemic approaches to the faith

Released into Five Fold Ministry

Released into Five Fold Ministry

Building on the first years development of basic evangelism and basic pastoral skills, the second year takes you to an advanced level in one of these two core focuses, and opportunities to be released into teaching and prophecy giftings. Expect to be able to lead an evangelism or mission team, or to be able to lead your own cell as you take responsibility for other believers. Get exposure to teaching and moving in the revelatory gifts of the Spirit.


Leader of Leaders

Leader of Leaders

Learn the practical skills required to become an influencer and motivator of other leaders. The transition from leader to leader of leaders is a significant one, as you prepare for effectiveness in your ministry. Developing communication and leadership skills is key to reaching the potential God has placed in you. Explore the dynamics of teamwork, influence and management within a godly context.


Advanced Knowledge in the Word

Advanced Knowledge in the Word

The word is essential as a source for wisdom, strength, encouragement and direction as you ascend the hill of the Lord. In depth studies in the OT and NT provide a wellspring to drink of the Word and inspire you to seek more of the move of the Spirit in our time. Learn the arts of hermeneutics and textual critique in preparation for defending the Word.

Winning the

Winning the

The world needs to hear the truth of God’s word, demonstrated with power. We are called to give them every opportunity to see the reality of the kingdom of heaven. Understanding Islam, Apologetics, Cults and World Religions all provide a forum to empower you to engage with the world around us.




Additional Information

Lecture format:

Monday & Tuesday 09:00-17:30

Sunday Participation in Services 11:00-17:00

Lecture Location:

KT Summit House,
Hanger Lane


360 hours lectures

120 hours practical

500 hours personal study

Units completed to award Diploma:

8 Theoretical

2 Practical