Term Dates

Your next start date is 17th January 2022


Spring Term (intake): 17th January 

Summer Term (intake): 18th April 

Autumn Term (intake): 12th September

Application Deadlines

January intake
Final international applications 
4th November
Final UK applications 
10th January

April intake
Final international applications 
2nd March
Final UK applications 
13th April

September intake
Final international applications 
15th July 
Final UK applications 
7th September

Costs and Offers

Fees for 2022 enrolment

1st year and 2nd year programs

£3,300 (Minimum deposit of £1,000)

• If £1,500 deposit paid, 10% discount applies

• Deposit payments are required on acceptance of place with IBIOL. Refund policy applies.

*Fees will be reviewed in advance of September 2022 enrolment

6 month

• £2,000 (no discounts applicable)

Evening School

£50 per unit (Participation only)

£300 per unit (Accreditation, part of Diploma of Christian Studies)

Early bird offers for September Intake

SAVE £600 – 20% off when paid in full by end of the previous month prior to starting date

SAVE £300 – 10% off when paid in full by start date

KT Cell members eligible for 10% deduction on 1st year programme

KTLCC Network church leaders development program eligible for 20% discount throughout course.

Student Funding

As an institute we do not qualify for student loans or grants available from government affiliated organisations. This is unlikely to change as the requirements to qualify for such opportunities would have implications on our freedoms to teach the courses as they have been developed.

While we have no funds available presently for student aid, We are taking steps to develop a student bursary fund in the coming year. Please check back for information on scholarships or contact the office as part of your application.

Visa & EU Nationals (language requirements)

We are a Tier 4 (general) sponsoring institute with the Home Office. This means we can accept applications from international students.

In order to apply for a visa on Tier 4 (i.e. as a student) you must first apply to IBIOL. You will be required to provide a number of support documents as part of your application. Provided that you’re able to establish yourself as a viable candidate you will then be invited for an interview. If you are successful at interview, we will award you a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies, whereby you may then apply to the UK Home Office for a Tier 4 (general) visa.

The Home Office look for certain criteria in your application:

That studies here at IBIOL will be progressive for you.

We offer courses at equivalent to NQF Level 4 (foundation year or first year of university) e.g. If you have prior qualifications above level 4 in theology (such as a degree), it is unlikely you will be considered an appropriate candidate, unless you can demonstrate that this is a vocational training initiative that will benefit you in ministry in your home nation.

That you have sufficient finance to cover your stay.

You will only be permitted to work 10 hours per week as a Tier 4 student at level 4, therefore you must have £3,000 for your fees, approx £1,500 per month sponsorship and savings, and enough for a return flight should you find yourself in financial difficulty.

That you have strong motive to return home after studies

The Home Office are concerned that candidates are able to prove motivation to return to their country of origin. Either family, a job or agreed further studies are considered appropriate.

Appropriate English language skills

As an international student, you are required to demonstrate your English language skills. This is either done by showing you have studied to A-level equivalence in English in school, or passing an IELTS exam at level 5.

Please see the Home Office Tier 4 website for more information. Please get in touch if you need any help with understanding how you can make a successful application!